Interviewing Stakeholders:
Techniques & Tips

Location: Vancouver
Date: TBD (2015)



Interviewing stakeholders is both science and art. Good interviews help us to clarify requirements. They illuminate what is actually happening and why. They support accurate conclusions. They inform decisions. When not done well they can result in misleading deductions. They can waste time and money. They may lead to lost credibility, and people less likely to participate next time. How you interview stakeholders is very important.

So, what makes a good interview? This workshop aims to ensure you have the tools to:

  • Talk to the right people
  • Ask the right questions
  • Listen to the answers appropriately
  • Analyse responses effectively
  • Optimize reporting options

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For more information about the workshop or registration process, please contact:

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About the Instructors


Diana Tindall, M.P.A.

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Diana has been conducting research on public sector programs and their performance for the past twenty-five years. She has interviewed many stakeholders on a wide range of programs and other topics. Her project experience includes research on education and labour market programs, Aboriginal (First Nations) programs in Canada, business/industry development programs, community/municipal services and health promotion programs. She has direct experience with the mixed methods used to prepare and implement program evaluation and performance measurement studies. Diana is a Credentialed Evaluator as determined by the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Professional Designation Program.


Jeanne Legare, M.P.A.

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Jeanne combines an academic background in nursing, sociology and public administration with over 30 years of experience in the public and non-profit sectors. She is recognized for her thorough understanding of health, political and social systems and demonstrated skills in planning, evaluation and project management. Jeanne’s strong interpersonal and analytical skills bring strengths to projects operating in sensitive, complex and challenging environments, and she has built a reputation for facilitating timely solutions that support managers and organizations to define, measure and manage success.